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The Smart Home Difference: Before & After Control4 Automation


Skip Plug-and-Play Devices & Choose a Fully Integrated Smart Home 

Many people think buying a voice-activated speaker, video doorbell, and Wi-Fi-connected thermostat makes their house a “smart home.” We’d hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but a collection of gadgets does not constitute a truly automated home. 

For a streamlined, luxurious home experience, you need a system that spans your entire house and connects all your devices. Control4 automation is such a system, unifying lighting, audio, video, security, HVAC, and more into one controller. 

If you’re still considering DIY devices, let us show you how Control4 makes all the difference in home automation. You’ll be thankful for the time saved to enjoy luxury living at home in Frisco, TX. 

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Without Control4: Disjointed Devices 

If you’re using AV and smart devices without a smart controller, they can only go so far. For example, without an integrated system, your voice-activated speaker only plays music and answers questions. Likewise, your smart TV remote only controls the TV, and wall switches just control the lights. 

Without a Control4 smart system, you’ll rely on separate apps and remotes for every smart device you own. That may not seem like such a problem, but it can grow tiresome to swipe and close out different apps for every little command. 

Plus, without Control4, you need to stay in range of your home’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control it all—from anywhere in the world

A Smarter Approach 

Whether you own Control4 devices or electronics from other manufacturers, Control4 is known for “playing nicely with others.” In fact, it’s compatible with over 14,000 third-party devices! Compatible brands include Lutron, Apple, Sonos, Samsung, Sony, Google,, and so many more. From high-end speakers to surveillance cameras, everything can be integrated into one Control4 system. 

And now for the fun part! Control4 lets you sync devices to create custom ‘scenes’ that you can activate any time. Imagine a “Night” scene that shifts your tunable LED lights to a dim, golden glow while closing motorized shades across every window. Press “Workout” on the C4 app, and your home gym’s lights brighten, the temperature lowers, and a pump-up playlist starts over in-wall speakers.

And as for automation? Control4’s When>>Then feature tells your technology to react to each other like dominos. For example, when you unlock the front entrance, your first-floor lights can brighten automatically. Or, when you turn on the TV, living room lights will automatically dim to your preferred level. 

Discover Control4 in Frisco, Texas 

Want to learn more about Control4 automation and partnering with a smart home integrator like Avatronix? Contact our team here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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