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Climate Control Features to Try in Your Smart Home

Wall tablet displays Control4 climate control in a living room. The temperature is set to 72 degrees.

How Homeowners Save Energy & Stay Cool with Automation 

This is Texas; climate control is as essential as running water in the summer. But is there a better way you could manage your AC and fans? If you don’t yet use climate control through a smart home system like Control4 or Elan, you might be missing out on cooler days and energy savings.

Read on to discover how a smart home controller can help you save energy, save time, and keep your Frisco, TX home cool when it matters most. 

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Cool Every Room with Temperature Sensors

The problem with most AC units and thermostats is that they can only detect the temperature of the room they’re in. It might be keeping the living room at a comfortable temperature, but the adjacent dining room still feels stuffy and warm. 

The fix? We integrate sensors that tell your system the temperature of each room. That way, central air can adjust accordingly, so no area is ignored.

Remotely Control AC & Fans 

It’s wasteful to leave the air conditioning blasting all day long. But you won’t want to return home to a sweltering house, waiting for the AC to kick in. Before you head home, simply pull out your smart home app and turn on connected HVAC devices. Even from miles away, you can check on the system’s status and make adjustments. 

Block Heat Rays with Motorized Shades 

The sun can really heat up a room! If you install insulated window shades, they can lower automatically once the sun hits the window. You’ll block harsh UV rays, keeping rooms comfortable, so you rely less on AC. 

Automate HVAC to Your Schedule 

When you own a smart home system, you can program AC units and fans to power on and off at specified times, so you never waste energy on an empty house. 


Ready to beat the heat this summer with smart technology? Avatronix is Frisco’s dedicated smart home installer. Contact us here for a free consultation and to learn more!

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