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Music Lovers: Audio Ideas to Try with Your Control4 System

Woman placing a turntable needle on a vinyl record.

Bring Your Music Collection to Life in a Control4 Smart Home 

Are you passionate about music? Do you own a record collection or carefully curated playlists in your Spotify account? Even if you’re more casual about music and prefer to play the radio, everyone can agree that life feels more fun when the music’s on. 

If you currently rely on a single portable speaker for your music enjoyment, you can take audio much further with your Control4 system. Control4 is a home automation controller that connects audio, video, lighting, security, and more to a centralized interface. If you’re new to Control4, let’s look at how you can use it to leverage audio. 

Ready to create more musical moments at home in Prosper, TX? Get inspired below! 

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Play Music in Every Room 

Why silo yourself with headphones—or blast your speaker to hear it across the house? With Control4, you can sync a series of speakers and control them all through wall keypads or mounted touch screens. Select the rooms you’d like to listen in, choose the album, station, or playlist, and enjoy across the house! And you aren’t limited to only streaming. Play downloaded music, CDs, records, and even tapes over your Control4 audio setup. 

Customize Keypads for Music 

You don’t have to stay tethered to your phone or tablet to control audio in your home. Control4’s wall keypads can be personalized with specific buttons like “Jazz” or “Country” that, once pressed, will start playing specific genres over your whole-home speakers. 

And that’s not all. Tap a button on the keypad to activate a specific audio zone (for example, the kitchen), then double-tap the volume button to power it off. Keypad LEDs can also change color depending on which family member’s favorites and settings are on.

Create a “Music” Scene 

One of the most exciting features in a Control4 smart home is the unique ‘scenes’ you can create and save. Imagine a “Music” button on your C4 app or wall keypad that, when activated, dims the lights to 30 percent, turns on your favorite nighttime playlist, and sets the speaker volume to your preferred level. 

Extend Audio Outdoors 

Control4 isn’t just for indoor audio—you can also include outdoor speakers! Weatherproof, high-end speakers are a fun way to bring the party to your patio, pool, and backyard spaces. And with a tap of a button on the C4 app, you can turn on the outdoor audio zone, choose songs, and enjoy music, podcasts, or radio in the fresh air. 

Connect Your Piano, Too! 

If there’s a musician in the house, let their talent shine by connecting the grand piano to your Control4 audio system. Your Control4 dealer can integrate a piano microphone into the Control4 system so the music can be heard anywhere in the house—and outdoors too! Listen to your child play while you’re preparing dinner or entertain guests with live music across the house. 


Want to learn more about Control4 automation and enhancing your home audio experience? Contact Avatronix here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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