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Go Beyond the Light Switch: Architectural Lighting

An open concept living room/dining room with in-ceiling speakers, skylights, and smart lighting throughout.

Your North Texas Home Stands Out with a Lighting Upgrade from Avatronix

There’s more to lighting than flipping a switch and illuminating a room. Lighting can change the way you feel and how your decor looks, plus outdoor lighting can help you protect your Prosper-area property from potential thieves. Lighting can dim to a near-candlelight glow for a romantic evening or brighten to help you complete a task. It’s transformative and essential for any Texas home.

To go beyond the basics of a simple light bulb, you need an architectural lighting partner like Avatronix. Read on to learn more about how we can change the ambiance of your living spaces with a tap or swipe of your finger - keep scrolling below!

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The Layers of Lighting

Architectural lighting goes beyond function and incorporates your home’s unique features and your family’s needs into its design plan. Task lamps and fixtures with bright, narrow beams of light help you focus and work on detailed tasks at a desk or under the kitchen cabinets. Ambient room lighting is achieved with ceiling fixtures, cans, and uplights with wide beams of light. Accent lighting highlights the architectural details of your home with recessed spotlights and track lights above artwork and sculptures. Your home will truly shine with an expert lighting design from Avatronix!

Intuitive Control & Automation

And to control it all? A Control4 system brings all of your lighting and smart devices under the management of one intuitive setup. Tap, swipe, or schedule lights to turn on, off, dim, or brighten within seconds. 

Your Lighting Partner

Whether you’re looking to automate exterior lighting or want to upgrade the lighting throughout your home, Avatronix is your trusted partner. Connect with us here to start a conversation about your upcoming project. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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