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Experience Luxury Home Automation throughout Your Day

A living space featuring luxury home automation solutions.

High-End Solutions Create a Personal Oasis in Your Home

Smart home automation elevates your everyday living experience and creates the ideal lifestyle for you and your family across your entire Frisco, TX property. So, what type of luxury home automation solutions can ease your daily routine?

We’ll dive into the top luxurious technologies you can bring to your smart home setup - keep reading  below to learn more!

Upgrade Your Home Security System for the New Year!

A smart surveillance camera being installed.

What Are the Top Smart Home Security Solutions?

Leaving home for any amount of time can spike up your stress levels, whether you’re heading out for the day or a lengthy trip. This time of year feels like when you need to keep an eye on your Prosper, TX, home the most.

So, how can you prevent “porch pirates” or potential intruders while you’re away on vacation or at work? An upgraded home security system is key. Keep reading to learn how these advanced solutions can give you much-needed peace of mind! 

What Does 5.1 or 7.1 Mean for My Surround Sound System?

home theater space featuring floorstanding speakers as part of a surround sound system.

We Explain the Basics of Home Theater Speaker Setups

Though we could dive deep into the concept of surround sound systems, we find it best to give a general overview of what the numbers mean since our clients ask about this detail frequently. 

5.1, 7.1, or 7.1.4 - What the heck do those numbers mean? Which is best for your Prosper, TX, home theater or media room space? Keep reading below to find out!

An Upgraded Media Room Design Gives Home Entertainment a Boost

A media room featuring a large screen and comfy seating.

Experience Your Favorite Media via Stunning Audiovisuals!

Take your home entertainment experience to the next level with an improved media room design and setup! Our team at Avatronix brings together all your audiovisual solutions to create a centralized and immersive entertainment environment in your Frisco, TX home that you’ll never want to leave.

From stunning AV technologies to luxurious seating and more, the media room of your dreams is within reach. Keep reading below to learn more about the essentials of an ideal setup and how they can benefit you.

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