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Upgrade Your Home Security System for the New Year!

A smart surveillance camera being installed.

What Are the Top Smart Home Security Solutions?

Leaving home for any amount of time can spike up your stress levels, whether you’re heading out for the day or a lengthy trip. This time of year feels like when you need to keep an eye on your Prosper, TX, home the most.

So, how can you prevent “porch pirates” or potential intruders while you’re away on vacation or at work? An upgraded home security system is key. Keep reading to learn how these advanced solutions can give you much-needed peace of mind! 

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Top-Tier Surveillance

Imagine a view of every corner of your home available to you at just the tap of a button! Using any smart device most convenient for you, you can watch real-time footage of your home via your surveillance system. Smart cameras strategically installed across your property let you check in on your living spaces with ease, soothing your worries over any potential threats or issues that might arise.

Smart Door Locks

Arm every entrance across your premises! Smart door locks let you double-check whether your doors are locked, and if not, you can easily lock them from your smartphone. If you have a friend dropping off something or checking on pets or plants, you can unlock the doors just for them, then relock them afterward.

Integrated Lighting & Shading

Fool potential intruders into thinking your home is occupied at all times with smart lighting and shading integrated into your security system. As these solutions operate as usual while you’re gone, unwanted guests will feel deterred from even walking across your premises.


Want to find out more about improving your home security? Give our team at Avatronix a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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