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Smart Blinds Are A Smart Buy For The Workplace

Side-by-side windows featuring half-opened cream-colored motorized shades.

Effortlessly Control Your Smart Blinds From CONTROL4

The sunshine can be a welcome sight to employees in the morning and provide them with the energy and positive vibes needed to do great work. But, by the afternoon, the sunshine could become a nuisance by over-heating rooms, glaring off computer screens, and causing workers to move about to avoid its harsh rays.

Skip the afternoon sunshine woes by investing in smart blinds for your Frisco, TX office space. Continue reading for why smart blinds are a wise investment for your business.

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Energy Management

It is necessary for businesses to provide a brightened space for employees to see their work and reduce eye strain. However, many bright lights turned on all day are costly. If you have windows in your space, taking advantage of the natural sunlight while reducing the number of lights can save energy and money. 

Smart blinds from Control4 are paired with their smart controls to maximize the energy efficiency of your office. In addition, the Control4 system can help adjust smart blinds to the perfect setting to maintain the office temperature throughout the day.

Flexible Spaces

Another reason to invest in smart blinds is that they can be programmed individually, allowing each space in your business to control its windows independently. This functionality comes in use when one room may need to close blinds to better view a screen or conference call.

In addition to these reasons, we can not overlook employee comfort. Keeping employees comfortable will keep them productive and happy throughout the day. 


Want to learn more about smart blinds for your Frisco, TX office? Give our team at Avatronix a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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