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Bring Centralized Landscape Lighting to Your Property

A backyard setup featuring comfy seating and outdoor and landscape lighting fixtures.


Why keep your high-quality, centralized lighting confined to the indoors? Your Sherman, TX, backyard can benefit from top-tier landscape lighting across the premises with fixtures that integrate effortlessly with the rest of your home’s system.

Keep reading below to find out more about experiencing your high-performance landscape lighting system’s top benefits this summer and all year long.

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DMF Lighting features modular systems that can easily accommodate your home’s unique layout and setups. With this flexibility, you can optimize your lighting fixtures and let them accentuate every part of your home and its beautiful architecture. This lighting system lets you customize your setup to match your specific preference and needs—and enables you to extend this easy management and design to your backyard.

Tying landscape lighting into your home’s overall lighting system doesn’t have to be a hassle! A centralized lighting experience makes the entire integration a breeze and effortless.


Walking from your living room or kitchen into the backyard, you shouldn’t have to worry about wondering which smart device or interface you can use to control your outdoor lighting fixtures. With a centralized setup, you can utilize the same device for both!

Luminii Lighting can help bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor lighting setups, letting you manage both with ease. A trusted brand that specializes in making the most of your home’s architecture, Luminii can create a curated illuminated environment anywhere across your property with just the tap of a button.


Want to learn more about bringing landscape lighting into your home’s whole lighting system? Give our team a call at (903) 436-7474 or fill out our online contact form here. Serving North Texas, Avatronix is committed to bringing the best lighting to your home today!


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