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Smart Shades Deliver Elegance and Effortless Control

Media room with large floor-to-ceiling windows. Screen Innovations' shades are partially drawn and the movie screen reflects an image of the ocean.

Let Smart Window Coverings Bring in the Diffused Light of the Sun

The beauty of the Texas sun is legendary, with breathtaking sunsets as well as hot and intense summers. This same sun that brings beautiful diffused light into our Frisco, TX homes also damages fine art and furnishings with direct UV rays. Like most things in life, it’s all in the balance.

Smart shades offer the perfect solution. At Avatronix, we partner with industry leaders in home automation to create smart homes that exceed our client's expectations. In the world of window coverings and home theater screens, that brand is Screen Innovations.

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Effortless Control

Window coverings contribute significantly to a home’s design. If you currently have shades, blinds, or draperies that you’ve carefully selected, you know the difference they can make. 

The problem is that manual window coverings require more effort and time than we have, leaving our window shades raised or lowered most of the day, minimizing the benefits of natural light, or letting the sun damage our furnishings. Smart shades from Screen Innovations remove the effort of walking to each window to control natural light. 

When integrated with your Control4 home automation system, we can program these shades to raise or lower based on the time of day and the sun's position. Imagine waking up to sunlight filtering through the window as your shades rise slowly to greet another beautiful Texas day. They’ll lower throughout the day to limit direct rays and solar heat gain, rise at sunset, and lower as night descends, offering complete privacy.

With one touch on an elegant in-wall keypad or touchscreen, you can control every shade in your home or in just one room, raising or lowering them in perfect unison. You can manage your lighting, entertainment, climate, security, and more from this platform, engaging multiple systems simultaneously. For example, tap the "Good Night" button, and every shade lowers, the lights dim, all AV equipment turns off, the doors lock, and the alarm arms. 

Elegant Beauty

Screen Innovations offers thousands of fabrics, ensuring the perfect shades for your home's aesthetics. These shades also come in a translucent material that lets diffused light in while minimizing UV rays and maintaining one's view. In addition, sunscreen or transparent screen fabrics filter sunlight, reducing heat gain and glare. In contrast, blackout fabric provides total darkness and is the perfect solution for media rooms, home theaters, and some bedrooms. 

The company's Zen Outdoor line is designed to extend your living space through the use of shades that completely seal your outdoor living area, keeping the cool air in and the bugs out. 

At Avatronix, we’ve been providing our clients with customized home automation solutions for over 25 years. To learn more about smart shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Avatronix today. 

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